TEXTURES by Warren Christopher

TEXTURES by Warren Christopher, our very own, customizable wood line. This is truly an exciting venture! Textures is unique because it allows the client to become part of the process. The client can customize the color from 16 different options, ranging from naturals, greys and rich browns. They are also able to choose their texture. Textures include – light/medium/heavy wire brush, hand scraped, band sawn, Dutch scrape, nylon wire brush, shrunk face, smooth and tumbled edge. The sky is the limit in creating a one of a kind, beautifully crafted wood floor.

Our philosophy of curation and attention to detail played a huge role in sourcing of the material. We manufacturer and develop our own platforms in Europe, and our finishing plant is located in Southern California. Our Textures Line is comprised of European Oak, in Prime and Light Rustic Grades. Our standard widths vary from 5”-12” and our lengths vary from 4’-10’. Wider widths and longer lengths available upon request.

We are located in Costa Mesa, California if you are local, we invite you into our showroom to experience TEXTURES by Warren Christopher for yourself. We ship nationwide, so feel free to contact us for samples or more information regarding our TEXTURES line. We look forward to hearing from you and becoming a part of your creative journey.


TESSELLATED - Heavy Wire Brush Texture, Hard Oil Wax Finish


BOLSTER - Dutch Scrape Texture, Urethane Finish

METALLIC - Light Wire Brush Texture, Urethane Finish

WOVEN - Shrunk Face Texture, Urethane Finish

VARNISH - Nylon Wire Brush Texture, Urethane Finish

GRIT - Heavy Wire Brush, Urethane Finish

ABRASIVE - Sand Blasted Texture, Urethane Finish


FUMED - Light Wire Brush & Hand Scraped Texture, Urethane Finish


RIGID - Band Sawn Texture, Urethane Finish

ASH - Medium Wire Brush Texture, Urethane Finish

UNDULATION - Hand Scraped Texture, Urethane Finish


MUTED - Tumbled Edge Texture, Urethane Finish


RAISED - Heavy Wire Brush Texture, Urethane Finish

RAW - Smooth Texture, Urethane Finish


ETCHED - Heavy Wire Brush, Urethane Finish

PURE - Light Wire Brush, Urethane Finish