Smooth Finish The board is sanded after being cut and is left with a smooth finish.

Wire Brushed The board is wire brushed after cutting, removing the softer sapwood and showcasing the grain of the plank.

Hand Scraped The board is hand-scraped with a specialized tool, creating an uneven surface which gives a room an antique warmth and ambience. This method gives a lot of character to the plank and, as it is done by hand, none of the planks will have the same pattern. As this method is labor intensive, it can be more expensive than other options, but these hand sculptured floors are extremely special. 

Distressed Similar to hand scraped but less pronounced, these planks are distressed by hand or machine to give your floor a rustic look, think “dings” and “dents."

Saw Marks The board is distressed with saw marks, either radial and/or linear.

Nail Holes The board is distressed with nail holes, either authentic and/or simulated.