Your new wood floor will arrive in a wooden crate or standard size pallet. You have the option of ordering your wood for Inside Delivery or Curb Side Delivery. If ordered Curb Side, your shipment will be dropped in front of your residence. You’ll want to bring it into your home as soon as possible and stack it in an out of the way place, such as on the opposite side of the room from where the installation will begin, or in an adjacent room. If you are having your new wood floor installed by a Warren Christopher professional, our team will take care of getting your floor inside, and in the correct area.

The ideal environment for any wood product in your home is a constant temperature and a consistent humidity level of 40% - 50%. Please be prepared for some expansion and contraction in wider floor planks. Proper acclimation and installation in certain environments is extremely important! If your home is new construction, it’s very important to have the HVAC installed before your wood flooring is delivered.